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JTF arrests 2 Britons, 12 Nigerians for illegal bunkering

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Operatives of the Joint Task Force in the Niger Delta code named Operation Pulo Shield have arrested two Britons and 12 Nigerian technicians over their alleged involvement in illegal bunkering along the Chanomi Creek in the western delta. The suspects were said to have   offered the operatives of the JTF  the sum of $66,500, […]

Soldier rescues injured woman on Welsh peak

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A soldier on a mountain training exercise rushed to the aid of an injured woman who slipped on to a rocky precipice. Lance Corporal Kieran Murphy, 26, a mountain leader with the Joint Services Mountain Training Wing (JSMTW) at Capel Curig, was leading a team of soldiers down the Pyg track on Snowdon when the […]

Money Raised In Memory Of Brett Williams.

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We would like to thank everyone who donated to our fund in the memory of Brett Williams. We raised a total of £652.67 from Donations which we rounded up to £1,000.00. The funds have now been released and here is a message from the beneficiary. “ Could you thank all your guys for me and […]

MCA’s decision to stop issuing MSO’s with Seaman’s Card’s

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As a result of the MCA’s decision to stop issuing MSO’s with Seaman’s Card’s, GMRS have brokered a deal with the Training Wing, who can issue Djibouti Seaman’s Card’s. Any MSO, who is employed by GMRS, will receive a 25% discount, £225 instead of £300. To receive this discount and apply for a Seaman’s book, […]

The International Maritime Bureau

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The International Maritime Bureau (IMB) reported that five skiffs with three persons onboard each boat approached a chemical tanker underway at high speed in the southern Red Sea at 0630hrs UTC on Sunday, 23 March. Verification on the exact position of the tanker at the time of the incident is awaited at this time, though […]

Infantry soldiers tested on Cyprus exercise

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More than 100 infantry soldiers from Charlie Company, 1st Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland (1 SCOTS) recently completed Exercise LIONS SUN – a four-week training exercise in Cyprus conducting attacking manoeuvres and practising core skills such as marksmanship. Exercise LIONS SUN saw Charlie Company based out of Radio Sonde Camp on the outskirts of […]

Military Cross for life-saving Medic under fire

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A soldier who risked his life to tend to a severely wounded colleague has been awarded the Military Cross (MC) for his actions. At first-light on the on the morning of July 4 2013, Private Wesley Masters of the Royal Army Medical Corps (RAMC) was part of a troop that landed near an insurgent command […]

Tips for Ex-military Job Seekers

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Corporate culture and military culture can differ widely. When you deploy on operations you can train 6 – 12 months in preparation for your tour of duty and part of that training is learning about the local cultures and language, believe me if you wish to be successful you need do the same as a […]

Soldiers prepare for battle on No Smoking Day

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As part of a week-long series of events called the Clean, Fit and Healthy Campaign smokers in 1st (United Kingdom) Armoured Division are being urged to prepare for battle and attempt to give up cigarettes for good on No Smoking Day, which takes place tomorrow (12). Leading the charge in this particular battle, is smoker […]

Civil servant gives 100th blood donation

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He is more used to the surroundings of British medical centers, but a civil servant has reached a personal milestone by making his 100th blood donation while working in Camp Bastion. Andrew Wood, a scientific adviser to UK troops in Afghanistan, has given blood three times a year for the past 33 years. He was due to make his […]